Wedding Rentals

Wedding Rentals

Have you seen our rental selection? We're so excited to now be offering rentals for all your event needs!

The main reason I wanted to start renting out my collection is because of how incredibly expensive the rental options are in our city & surrounding areas. I also saw a need for more unique & eclectic rentals, as most of the options available are ultra modern, which may not be for everyone. I started collecting vintage pieces for my own wedding, and after seeing the costs of other rental companies, I was frankly, appalled. So I decided to expand my collection and offer them to the people of Winnipeg & surrounding areas at accessible prices.

We believe having a beautiful wedding should not put you into debt and renting decor for your wedding should cost less than purchasing it. 

Our rentals will be on a sliding scale for rates, depending on your financial situation & income. Nobody should have to compromise on their wedding day. I will also be offering completely free rentals to those in need on a case by case basis. Please inquire for more details. Delivery will be $20.
I will also be offering day of setup services and coordinating for your wedding and special events! This will include pickup & delivery of your rentals, setting up of ceremony decor, reception tables, decor, & much more! These services will be available whether or not you rent with me. I truly want to make your wedding day as special and stress free as possible, without compromising on style or quality.

If you're planning an event this year, head to our Rentals and Setup page to view our collection & fill out an inquiry form! We're currently booking into Fall 2025, so get those bookings in asap! 
I can't wait to help you bring your event vision to life!

vintage ceramic floor vases with dried floral & pampas arrangements, wicker lantern & candle, and a vintage rug to adorn a wedding ceremony space. All items described are for rent in Winnipeg & surrounding towns in Manitoba.

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