Our story

Finding the most wanted vintage and handmade pieces,

for the wild at heart

Howdy! Sierra here, owner and founder of Wanted & Wild Co.

Thanks for making it here to my little corner of the internet!

Here’s my story: I grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba, Canada and this experience has profoundly shaped who I am today. Growing up around livestock, horses, and wide open spaces, I find myself gravitating to design elements that take me back to those formative years. 

Where we lived, it was over an hour to the nearest shopping mall, so needless to say we didn't go often. But…we had a thrift store just over 20 minutes away, and let me tell you, my family and I were regulars.

To me it was the history, the uniqueness, and the low prices that kept me going back. Now that I’m heading into my 30s, I thrift for all these reasons and more. To buy vintage and secondhand pieces, we are all lessening our environmental impact. By swapping out unloved items for new ones, we never accumulate too much. By filling our home with objects and furniture that bring us joy, reflect our passions, and styles, we create a space that tells our story. 

I started my adult life working in healthcare, and spent time in various hospitals and positions for over 4 years. What I noticed, and unfortunately became the common theme, was the abuse, mistreatment, and lack of respect for healthcare workers. When all of our lives turned upside down amid the Covid-19 pandemic, these feelings were magnified. It had me feeling pretty Yee-naw about continuing in the field.

So- I made a huge life change and walked away from my career in healthcare. Looking back now, I wish I had done it sooner. My life now looks incredibly different than I ever thought it would. My days are filled with sourcing vintage goods, collaborating with local makers, styling & photographing new pieces, and interacting with customers turned friends. It has been such a joy watching my local economy thrive, with countless small businesses supporting each other.

Wanted & Wild Co was born out of a desire to be creative, be challenged, and make a difference in my community. It has awakened a part of me that truly adores interior design, the thrill of the hunt, and sharing my finds with the world. 

Wanted and Wild is about finding the most wanted vintage and handmade pieces, for the wild at heart.

I feel so blessed to do this work and I am grateful to all my valued customers who allow me to do it. Thank you.

Peace, love, and cacti,

Sierra, owner WWC

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